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Pisco-Producing Valleys

Certain valleys along the department’s coast were of immense economic importance during the Viceroyalty, especially those used for wine and pisco production. Of particular note are Vítor, Majes, and Caravelí, where vineyards thrive under excellent natural conditions. These alcoholic beverages were primarily sent to the mines in what is now southern Peru and Bolivia, while considerable shipments were also made to Spain itself. These valleys have been prized by humans since time immemorial, as demonstrated by the remains of ancient cultures found here, especially the abundant geoglyphs and petroglyphs. Today, Vítor, Majes, and Caravelí are known for their agriculture and tourism. Toro Muerto is a fascinating complex of stone and rocks carved by humans from many different eras and cultures. The site is located in Majes, a valley famous for its pisco, wine, and shrimp.

Valleys pisqueros