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Valley of Vítor

Valley of Vitor

In the valley of Vítor was born during the Viceroyalty of a distillate of wine, with the name of spirits distilled from wine or brandy of Arequipa. Vitor continues to be a valley of great wine culture and rich historical past. In the origin of this fame is the Spanish captain Bartholomew Terraces who to 1540 brought strains of black grape from the Canary Islands, and the first encomenderos planted here by finding the natural conditions are ideal. They also built wine cellars, and ordered jars. In 1560, Pedro Sánchez had to teach himself the way to make the jars at the request of the producers of brandy's place. The villager Matthew the atiquipa was a great disciple and master potter. The trade of derivatives of the vine was very intense even with the kingdom of Castile, standing out for their quality. To say Vasquez Espinoza: “best of Alicante and Porto, which is preciaban the best in the world then.” Arequipa is today a zone wine with denomination of origin.