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Mototurismo by the Arequipa Region

Valley of the Volcanoes Andagua

This Motorcycle ride can do so much on the bikes on the track, on the road or enduro, it has to be autonomy of about 160 to 200k or bring a truck to help with gasoline to replenish if you do not have autonomy, landscapes, differences of heights, valleys and other are amazing.On this route there are alojaminetos in Cabanaconde , Huambo, Andagua, return you can take the path for Viraco to the Majes valley.It is ideal to 3 days to walk around the area, and months more appropriate are from April to November.




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Motorcyclists who want to discover new destinations, adventure tourism

Ancient peoples of our range, colonial churches,thermal Baths, etc

Visit the Valley of the Volcanoes, Andagua, visit villages on the Bike

On this trip we have it all adventure, nature, culture


In Chivay, Andagua, Cabanaconde, Huambo. 

Fish(trout) meats, vegetables,

In Andagua , Cabanaconde or Huambo


If you have more days, you can supplement of Andagua to the Cotahuasi valley approx. 200 km

Minimum 450 soles

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