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Fertile territory for the painting

The painting arequipa has been identified throughout much of the TWENTIETH century for his preference for the landscape as a subject, and by the technique of watercolor in a style of manners. Are undeniable skill and talent of the artists arequipeños, whose vision has been evolving as is the development of an academic tradition in our city. 

Have been highlighted throughout the TWENTIETH century, countless masters like Jorge Vinatea Reinoso, Julio Cesar Morales Velarde painter and teacher of a number of important artists, Theodore and Alejandro Núñez Ureta, Guillermo Mancilla.

Important artists arequipeños assets at present are the watercolourist Mauro Castillo and David Condori representatives of the traditional style of watercolor arequipa, Hernán Sosa and Ramiro Couple, these last have been owners of a style that is more universal and versatile in subject matter and technique.