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Archaeological museum José María Morante – UNSA

Archaeological museum José María Morante – UNSA

The mansion that houses the Archaeological Museum of the Universidad Nacional San Agustín dates back to the early years of Peru’s history as a republic (around 1866). It consists of two courtyards and a number of rooms that the university once used as a dormitory before they were transformed in 1993. The archaeological discoveries on display here—more than 8,000 pieces in all—come from excavations in Arequipa region and date from the Preceramic Era (5000 to 2000 BC) through the Early Horizon (550 to 200 BC), Middle Horizon (550 to 1000 AD) and Late Horizon (1000 to 1450 AD) periods. 

Archaeological museum José María Morante – UNSA

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Water, a hat, comfortable shoes and a camera.

The carefully curated archaeological exhibition, including mummies.

See the replica of rock paintings found in the Jaway Ravine in Camaná.

From the historic center by foot.

Prices with promotion by opening

S/ 20.00 adults

S/ 15.00 seniors peruvian**

S/ 12.00 university peruvian

S/ 6.00 school peruvians**

Children under 7 years free admission

*Guided service is optional and is not included in the cost of the ticket.

**Subject to the rules established by the central government

Archaeological museum

The collection of Keros.

Input: 5 soles

Cost of excursion: voluntary Collaboration

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