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Maria Nieves Y Bustamante

(1861 – 1947)

The first important novel of Arequipa is the work of a woman, María Nieves y Bustamante. His parents gave him an education unusual in their time, since in general it is not considered women intended for the thought. Very early, María Nieves already published in newspapers and magazines of the region commentaries and chronicles, reuninendo materials for his historical novel. Although she was born after the battles in which the people of arequipa are defended of the site and the attack of the forces of Ramón Castilla, at the expense of hundreds of deaths, María Nieves met the popular stories of the resistance, and with an innovative vision of the mixing of settler and civic values, with at the same time new techniques of the historical novel in nineteenth century european, captured the novel "George, the son of the village ", considered to be a symbol literary, of the democratic spirit, fighter, and liberal city.


“A smile fierce was drawn between the foam that orlaba the lips of the son of the people.
Seas of fire and blood passed before his eyes...
Similar to Nero, rejoiced to see the future ravages of tea that I already had on hand.
Yes, the fire of the anger must reduce everything to ashes!... And when, on the ruins social, pasease the triumphant look, it would be happy!”