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1. Arequipa City Cultural Heritage of Humanity1.1 Historic Centre1.2 Monasteries1.2.1 Santa Catalina
1.2.2 Santa Teresa
1.2.4 Convento de la Recoleta
1.2.5 Convent of San Francisco
1.3 Churches1.3.1 Cathedral
1.3.2 Society of Jesus
1.4 Museums1.4.1 Museum Of Andean Sanctuaries
1.4.2 Museum Vargas Llosa
1.4.3 Museum Recoleta
1.4.4 Archaeological museum José María Morante – UNSA
1.4.5 Pre-Columbian Museum Numismatic
1.4.6 Municipal Historical Museum
1.4.7 Museum of the Cathedral
1.4.8 Textile Museum Pre-Columbian Amano
1.4.9 Museum of Contemporary Art
1.5 Tambos1.5.1 Inn of the Bighead
1.5.2 Tambo del Matadero
1.6 Mansions and Monuments1.6 1 Casa del Moral
1.6.2 House Tristan del Pozo
1.6.3 Squares and Bridges1.6.2.1 Plaza San Francisco Plaza Yanahuara Plaza Cayma Places Santa Marta Parque Selva Alegre Puente Bolognesi
1.62. 7 Bridge Grau Puente de Fierro Puente Chilina
1.6.3 Monuments and Sites of Interest1.6.3.1 San Lazaro Mercado San Camilo Railway
2. Traditional villages and Countryside2.1 Yanahuara
2.2 Cayma
2.3 Huasachache
2.4 Sachaca
2.5 Countryside
2.6. Route of the Llonco
2.7 Ruta del Sillar
2.8 Uchumayo
2.9  Tiabaya
2.10 Yarabamba
2.11 The Jewel
2.5.1. Route of the Llonco
2.5.2. Ruta del Sillar
3. Gastronomy – Creative City3.1 Picanterías3.1.1 Detail Picanterías
3.2 Contemporary Kitchen3.2.1 Detail, Contemporary Kitchen
3.3 Regional Products3.3.1 Detail Regional Products
4. Culture, Conventions and Events4.1 Literature4.1.1 Hay Festival
4.2 Arts 
4.3 Music
4.4 Convention city4.4.1 Bureau of Arequipa
4.4.2 Perumin
4.4.3 FIA
4.4.4 Alpaca Fiesta
5. Between the Sea and The Andes5.1 Pisco-Producing Valleys
5.2 Deserts
5.3 Archaeology and Natural History of the Coast
5.4 Beaches, Coves and Ports
5.5 The Andes
5.4.1 Islay
6.Canyons, Volcanos, and Protected Natural Areas6.1 Colca canyon
6.2 Valley of the Volcanoes
6.3 Canyon Cotahuasi
6.4 Mismi, the Source of the Amazon
6.5 National reserve of Salinas and Aguada Blanca
6.6 National shrine of Laguna Mejia
6.7 Area of Private Conservation the atiquipa Lomas
6.8 National reserve of Islands, Islets and Tips Guano
6.9 Cordilleras in Arequipa
6.10 vegetation in Arequipa
7.Customs, Traditions, and
7.1 Religious Holidays
7.2 Traditional Feasts
7.3 Characters Richly
8. Sports and Adventure8.1 Horseback riding
8.2 Cycling
8.3 Golf
8.4 Mototurismo
8.5 Off Road
8.6 Tennis
8.7 Underwater fishing
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