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A complex historical live between the bridge and the river

The tambo from the slaughterhouse

Tambo del Matadero has existed since the early seventeenth century. Its name comes from the Spanish word for slaughterhouse, and that is precisely what the area was once used for. It’s the only building in the historic center with three stories of linear vaults running parallel to the street

The entrance is on Calle Puente Bolognesi, where a hallway leads to a courtyard with vaults and collar-beam roofs. The path then leads to an exit on Av. La Marina.

The passageway and courtyard were cluttered for many years by add-ons and precarious structures that broke up the space and created a kind of alleyway filled with shacks. Vertically, too, improvised constructions were thrown together haphazardly on all three stories, with masses of concrete and brick, warping the original construction and taking up open areas.

This group of run-down historical dwellings was left on the verge of total collapse after the earthquake of 2001. The buildings were then restored in 2003 and 2004, salvaging the original construction system and the structural and architectural layout.

The roughhewn constructions were demolished to take back the courtyard and the passageways, and the original balconies were replaced. Each unit was fitted out with a bathroom, new plumbing was installed, and the electricity, telephone, and cable hookups were overhauled. New stairs were built, and a second story was added to the dwellings that had given up space on the ground level for shared use. The interior and exterior sidewalks were repaired and Pasaje del Solar was remodeled with a new set of steps.

Tambo del Matadero was recovered for its inhabitants, its neighbors, and the city as a whole. Today it shines in all its splendor as part of both the historical city of days past and the living city of today.

Tambo del matadero


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The system of historical dwellings with three stories of vaults and linear structures below street level.

From the historic center by foot.

Comfortable shoes, camera, sun protection

Sit down and take a rest in the peaceful courtyards as you take in your surroundings, observing the residents as they go about their routines.

Neighborhood of historical dwellings still in use today, featuring Arequipeño Mestizo architecture. An open-air museum

All audience

Open area in the historic centre

Hike, trade in leather goods, and musical instruments

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