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Customs, Traditions and Characters

The human presence in Arequipa, dating back to ten millennia, in a territory that has always defined as a meeting point and place of transit. Various pre-hispanic cultures have passed or have settled in Arequipa, leaving its imprint in the set explain the mestizaje, which today is expressed in culture live local.

In the SIXTEENTH century integrates the existing european contribution and is for the republican period, when the region reaches its highest levels of development and creativity. So, Arequipa has built a rich heritage of customs expressing wealth and variety in the fields of art, the work and devotion. The dances, to take one example, are mostly rural character, and there are pre-hispanic as the wititi, among others, and source mestizo as the pampeña or seafood arequipa.

Manifestations of origin viceregal are those related to the catholic devotion, as the Holy Week and the marian pilgrimage to the shrine of Chapi.

Carnaval arequipeño is famous, and is advertised with chords distinct a lively composition of Benigno Ballón Farfán. The celebrations of the jubilee of the city was celebrated on 15 August, with parades and bull fights in the countryside, fighting in the horn-flanked measure forces without causing damage.