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Convent of the Third Order of Saint Francis

Convent of the Third Order of Saint Francis

The San Francisco (Saint Francis) complex, founded in 1552, consists of the Main Church, the Franciscan Convent, the Convent of the Third Order, and the old Colegio Seráfico. Built entirely of sillar stone, the complex stands out for the simplicity of its mass and its sober architecture, featuring minimal ornamentation.

In the wake of the earthquake of 2001 there were significant structural damage in the joint. Some sectors, such as the temple of the Third Order and the Templo mayor, were on the verge of collapse. This critical situation forced them to perform actions of emergency for the preservation of the whole.

The Cloister of the Third Order sustained extensive damage due to the effect of the earthquake of June 2001. (From the book: Projects Peru 1990-2011. Heritage program for the development)

Convent of the Third Order of Saint Francis


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