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Cotahuasi canyon

The Cotahuasi Canyon is the result of the enormous inclines of the terrain and the erosion caused by the Cotahuasi River and its affluents. Over the centuries, waterfalls like Sipia (150 m (492 ft.)) and Uskune were formed. There are also reminders of past volcanic activity, such as thermal baths renowned for their medicinal properties; the geysers of Ocoruro, veritable rivers of fire; the rock forests of Santo Santo in Huaynacotas; and the Bosque de la Luna and Huito in Pampamarca. Humans have occupied this area for over seven thousand years. A series of cultures developed here, as testified to by the archaeological sites of Mauk’allaqta and Kayac, the foundations of old hanging bridges, and farming terraces. The interaction between humans and nature over the millennia, with knowledge accumulated and transmitted orally, make this Andean valley an open book of history and culture. The colonial Hispanic past is also visible in the towns of Cotahuasi, Tomepampa, and Alca. Today, the Cotahuasi and the tiny villages hidden amidst its slopes and ravines reveal to us one of the most beautiful cultural landscapes in all of Peru. The Cotahuasi Canyon’s geomorphological characteristics make it a paradise for adventure sports such as canoeing, kayaking, mountain biking, trekking, rock climbing, rappelling, mountaineering, fishing, and hydrotherapy.

Cotahuasi canyon


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It is a Reserve Scenic and home to one of the deepest canyons in the world.

From Arequipa, the trip is 389 km long. The route is paved, and the drive takes about 8 hours.

From Andagua, the trip is 357 km long on a local road (more information forthcoming).

The Sipia waterfall, the cactus forest of Judío Pampa (Lo tienen como “Judiopampa” más abajo), thermal baths, family farms.
Ideal for adventure and tranquility, far from trade routes.
Groups of friends, adventure, and experiential.
Hiking, trekking, canoeing, mountain climbing, mountain biking, experiential tourism.
Adventure, nature, culture.

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From here, a paved road runs to Ayacucho.

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