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Arequipa on a Peruvian paso horse

Journeying through Arequipa’s landscapes while riding a Peruvian paso horse is one of the most exciting activities the region has to offer for nature lovers and adventurous travelers. The area has many things that make it an unforgettable experience: the wide variety of landscapes, the pleasant, sunny climate, and of course, the popularity of raising Peruvian paso horses here.

A trip into Arequipa’s countryside will take us to a number of nearby towns such as Sabandía, Yumina, Characato, Mollebaya, and Yarabamba, where we can bask in glorious landscapes while learning the history of this part of Peru.

In these parts, we will see pre-Hispanic farming terraces that converted the once-arid hills into productive farmland, as well as the sites where the first Spaniards settled, notable for their beautiful architecture, imposing yet austere.

We can also take a trip into the surrounding desert, which offers us a different array of magical experiences: dunes where our gaze is lost in the immensity of it all, with the occasional oasis for us to luxuriate in; seas of sand; and once in a while, a river that calls forth varying shades of green from the arid climate.

The pleasant, sunny climate will make our time here unforgettable, etched into our memories and our hearts.

Among other activities, we can take seaside horse rides just two hours from the city in places like Mejía or Camaná, through farmlands and along endless sandy beaches. We can also visit the nearby lakes with their wide array of resident and migratory birds.

Other exceptional routes include the bridlepaths of the Colca Valley, the Valley of the Volcanos, and Cotahuasi Canyon, a different way of traveling through the Andes in the company of local guides who will offer us unforgettable experiences.


Why choose a Peruvian paso horse?

This horse breed, which is native to Peru, has been declared Peruvian cultural heritage and one of the country’s flagship products. It is the descendent of the horses brought over by the Spanish conquistadors. Over time, however, the unique way in which we Peruvians look at life caused us to select exemplars with certain characteristics: graceful and beautiful with a comfortable gait and tremendous spirit, good natured yet noble. Today, this unique breed is recognized as the smoothest riding horse in the world and is bred in many other countries. Getting to know the paso horse is practically a civic duty for Peruvians and visitors alike.