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Pilgrimage landscapes and landscapes in traditional

Arequipa-Chapi-Polobaya-Dam Uzuña-Mollebaya-Arequipa

This is a ride to do so by the day, it takes between 4 and 6 hours visiting the Shrine of Chapi, the traditional villages of Yarabamba, Quequeña, Sogay, Polobaya, Dam of Uzuña ( there you can have Lunch in a rich trout) Mollebaya, Characato, Sabandia, in all these towns there are many picanterías to spend a pleasant time and eat something.

Arequipa-Chapi-Polobaya-Dam Uzuña-Mollebaya-Arequipa


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The visit to the virgin of Chapi, and the traditional villages of the route

Road Arequipa Yarabamba, Quequeña Sogay-Chapi , of Chapi is returned to the strayed to Polobaya from there it is taken to the Puquina language and enters the dam Uzuña,it returns the path to Pocsi – Mollebaya – Characato Arequipa

You do not need a lot of the back is 150 to 180 km to wear a jacket for the cold, so if you return in the afternoon.

Always a good helmet, gloves, and appropriate clothing for driving motorcycles

Shrine of Chapi, to Visit the Church , you can attend the mass according to the schedule of these,Dam of Uzuña boating, cayac ect.

Motorcyclists who want to walk to the outskirts of Arequipa, the track is 100% paved

Shrine of the Virgin of Chapi

Enjoy the scenery and meals tradicionaels in different picanterías that we have on this route

Nature, culture.


There are picanterías and restorantes in almost all of the people that you spend on this route

50 soles included gasoline

You can go to Puquina , traditional village, which belongs to the department of Moquegua

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